Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding our promotional videos

How Long Does it Take to Create Video?

Depending on workload, we can have your project created, uploaded and marketed within 10 days, but quite often much less than that.

I have lost my video file – can you supply another?

Of course! We keep back-ups of all projects and can supply a replacement by file transfer free of charge. We do recommend that you burn the project to DVD once you receive the files so you have your own back-up.

Can I use my own music and script?

You are welcome to use your own assets, but you must sign a declaration that you own or are licensed to use any images, music tracks etc that you send to us. Copyright breaches are rigorously hunted down nowadays and the fines are quite severe! We do not offer a discount for users providing their own assets.

What other services do you offer?

We offer a whole range of video creation services – training videos, membership site videos, instructional videos, special effect videos, intro videos – the range is only limited by your imagination! We have team of professional copywriters, visual composers, web designers and online marketing experts in-house that manage a whole host of projects.

Can you guarantee a number one position for my video on YouTube?

Many of our clients are currently enjoying very high placement on YouTube, with several at the number one spot, but much depends on the competitiveness of the keyword search term, the market you’re in and the quality of the competition. We will market our video to the best of our ability and you will appear in a high position on YouTube and your video will also appear in the Google main search results most of the time.

What restrictions do you have – are there any topics you won’t create videos for?

We won’t create videos for topics that cover pornography, obscenity, anything we deem to be unsavoury or offensive or anything that incites hatred. We reserve the right to refuse projects that we consider inappropriate.

I have my own YouTube channel can I have my video uploaded there?

Certainly, just provide us access details when you place an order with us. Please note that we optimise videos for maximum SEO on YouTube, so to maintain the integrity of the marketing intervention, we ask that you leave the tags, keywords and description as is. Changing them could impact on your video’s ranking on YouTube.

Can you guarantee a higher ranking for my website once the video is published?

How much your search ranking improves is dependent on many factors, but your website will benefit from having a video on it and it will rank higher than the pre video site did. In our Video Marketing Vault you will find hints and tips on search engine optimisation.

What about the quality of the video?

The video will be produced in Mp4 High Definition format, perfect for YouTube and other online usage

Can I have higher quality?

High quality video is available, but at much greater cost as this requires specialist camera and processing equipment. The videos we produce are perfect for promoting your products and services online at low cost.

Can you produce White Label Videos for a Company?

‘White Label Videos’ are videos that contain no branding apart from that of the commissioning company. In order to keep our costs low, we add our own discrete branding to the lower right of any video we produce, which helps us promote our company’s services. It is basically a form of product placement; if you have it on your video we are effectively discounting our full price in return for some exposure.

Our branding can be removed for a small charge, enabling you to focus totally on your own corporate branding.

Who owns the copyright?

Essentially for all web and online use, you do. When it comes to offline, there are some public broadcast licensing issues with background music (it is licensed for use on online).