Explainer Videos

An explainer video is just that – it explains how things work or how to use them.

Explainer Video Overview

Great for product demos, web-site tours, app run-throughs or niche marketing, these videos can convey a complex message in a very short time – almost like having a virtual salesperson on tap!

There are three basic types:

  1. the Demonstration video;
  2. the animation video;
  3. the Custom drawn animation.

Demonstration Video

Show you how a product or service works. This is normally done through screen grabs, video footage or still photo compilation. This could include a virtual tour of your site, or demo of your app and includes basic transitions and motion.

They are responsive which means that they can be viewed on all mobile devices.

Powerful beyond words – and if your potential client needs to – he can hit replay and watch it all over again.

Normally 60 seconds (to hold the client’s attention – too long and they may get bored!) these videos are created in HD quality and come with a custom script written by one of our copywriters and a professional voice over either by a UK male or female, or a US voice if you prefer.

Animated Explainer

The second type is the animated explainer – this is more visual and uses illustrations in various styles – you choose – to convey the message to the viewer. More informal, but, coupled with a strong call to action, very effective.

Again 60 seconds duration in HD quality, custom scripted with the voiceover of your choosing.

Custom Animation Video

The top of the range explainer is our Custom drawn animation; your cartoon character – it could be you! – explains the product or service to the viewer using lip-synced voice over.

Unique and attention grabbing these are the ultimate in animated explainers.

As before, 60 seconds long, custom-scripted and hand- drawn by a professional illustrator together with a lip-synced professional voice over.